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Deciding between what you need and what you want is harder than it sounds. But making a budget can keep your spending in check. Setting up a budget is a great way to help keep your family finances on track and plan for the future. Check out these easy ways to get started creating a better budget for you and your family. We aim to define needed actions to better planning and saving, and help you to understand the overall family budgeting.

Based on our conducted survey in Bulgaria, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United Kingdom and Italy, the research findings indicate that the vast majority of households keep track of the money left after paying all regular expenses.  In most partner countries families manage to put money aside on a regular basis, except for Italian and Polish households, where only 23% manage to keep savings and for Poland the figure is 46%.

As main purposes of saving money were defined the following:

  • to pay unexpected family needs
  • to serve as an emergency fund
  • for education
  • for retirement

As most preferred mean of keeping savings, families in all partner countries have pointed out bank accounts/deposits.

As most common barriers to keeping savings they highlighted the following:

  • not enough income to spare
  • too many unexpected expenses
  • bad planning

The following measures that can facilitate the money saving process:

  • Get an affordable, practical and easy-to-use tool for budgeting;
  • Focus on better planning;
  • Take into account the balance between family savings and expenditures;
  • Recognize the gaps in terms of family budgeting;
  • Get access to good practices in terms of financial literacy;
  • Find more information about family budget –documents, information from institutions, online free available courses, multimedia and videos for budgeting, etc;
  • Keep track and make adjustments on family income and expenditure.

To read the full report on GOOD PRACTICES for efficient Family Budget Management, please click here


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