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The goals of the iFiscus project is to provide the necessary support and web tool to adult people and all interested parties for proper planning of their family budgets, especially in the situation of unstable economies. When family budget planning is done properly this can help many families to live within their means and budget, and help minimize the impact the financial crisis has on their home and finances.

This questionnaire seeks to define the ways that people prefer to create and lead budget; to define how the future developed web tool will meet the needs of the different people.

Moreover, it aims to help in identifying the obstacles to family budgeting, especially in terms of financial turbulence; to define necessary actions for better planning of the savings and expenditures; and to reflect the practical needs of the end users.

We would be grateful for your support in this important research.

Completing the questionnaire will takes you only 10 minutes.

We kindly ask you to fill in and answer on the following questions and return to Gosia.

Thank you!

iFiscus Team

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Porto calling: iFiscus Kick-Off
Meeting dates: 7.10.2013 ??? 8.10.2013
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Plymouth - Britain's Ocean City
Meeting dates: 14.04.2014 ??? 15.04.2014
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Campobasso, Italy
Meeting dates: 11.09.2014 ??? 12.09.2014
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Lodz, Poland
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