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Welcome to iFiscus

The project ‘iFamily Budget Management’, acronyms ’iFiscus’ has been funded with support from the European Commission, under Grundtvig Partnerships Programme in 2013; project number: 2013-1-BG1-GRU06-00113.

iFiscus project stipulates a partnership of seven organisations from different European countries including: Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia. The advantage of the established consortium is that it forms a diverse network for collaboration between institutions and organisations and allows examining the project issues from different perspectives, sharing common ideas and aims. The consortium includes adults education providers, vocational training organisations, development agency, consultants and non-profit foundations experienced in EU projects, particular in working in the field of trainings and IC Technologies of adults.

The main aim of the iFiscus project is to provide the necessary support in management of the Family budgets and to increase the financial awareness to adult people to teach and encourage them to plan their personal budgets effectively especially in the situation of financial and economic crisis. This aim will be accomplished through the creation of a common web page that enable easy access to personal expenditures and savings and provides useful guidelines, templates and tools.

Through the special iFiscus web tool solution enable easy calculation, overview and plan the domestic and/or family budget lines on a daily, monthly or yearly base. At the same time there will be possibility of planning and managing savings and find the best way to invest in different activities.

Additionally iFiscus project outcomes are accomplished with improvement of the skills and competence of citizens in advanced age using personal computer, web applications and internet.

The main outcomes of our project is firstly a development of easy-to-use personal financial web tool and guidelines based on good European practices. This will allow adults to receive simply the most comprehensive and easy tool to plan their budget lines for saving and future investing money. Secondly, to underline more and more the necessity of a better daily social integration and better lifestyle level through understanding and communicating with other people around Europe through mobility.

We would like to invite you to take a part in our project and contribute to the development of the expected tools and outcomes.

Please get in touch with one of our Partners in Europe (please visit Partners Contacts) & for more updates on the project progress please visit our meetings. section and connect to with us via facebook at www.facebook.com/ifiscus

We hope you find the project information useful for you!

iFiscus Team

Meeting 1
Porto calling: iFiscus Kick-Off
Meeting dates: 7.10.2013 ??? 8.10.2013
Meeting 2
Plymouth - Britain's Ocean City
Meeting dates: 14.04.2014 ??? 15.04.2014
Meeting 3
Campobasso, Italy
Meeting dates: 11.09.2014 ??? 12.09.2014
Meeting 4
Lodz, Poland
Meeting dates: 27.11.2014 ??? 28.11.2014